Metal Hammer February 2019 Issue 318

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Published 4th January

In this packed issue of Metal Hammer, we chat to Ozzy Osbourne ahead of No More Tours 2, and learn the hard way not to suggest he’s retiring… We also grill all your favourite bands on their plans for the year ahead, from Rammstein to Venom Prison, Code Orange to Slipknot, Tom G Warrior to Megadeth, they’re all here. We put your questions to Behemoth frontman Nergal, catch up with Aussie legends Parkway Drive, and look back at the making of Sabbath’s Sabotage and the Motörhead song that changed it all (no, it’s not Ace Of Spades…). We channel our inner Vikings with Wardruna, check out the metal scene in Latin America, and have one last hurrah with the McClain/Demmel era of Machine F’ing Head. Oh, and there’s a Latin American CD, too. And some awesome posters. You’re welcome.