Maximum PC May 2018

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Published 1st May

The PC industry has never felt as unfriendly to budget builders as it does right now. Memory prices are breathtaking, graphics card prices are still ridiculous, and picking the wrong core components can leave you with a lacklustre system that you’ll need to upgrade the moment you turn it on. So let the team here on Maximum PC guide you into building a sub-$500 system that you can be proud off. In fact, if you follow our advice you’ll end up with a system that can not only handle normal mundane workloads, but can also handle the latest games at decent framerates and settings. We’ve got two builds for the price of one as well, with Intel’s latest Core i3 going up against AMD’s Ryzen APUs.

One expense you may be tempted to dodge with any new build is the operating system, and it’s fair to say that Linux has come on leaps and bounds recently and can handle the majority of work easily. But what about gaming? This issue we look at the best options for getting your gaming library playing nice without dropping $100 on a copy of Windows 10. This issue we also delve into the paranoid world of password selection to reveal how you’ve been doing it so wrong, and what the best options are for keeping yourself secure. In our labs this month we look at the latest addition to the Intel Optane family, check out a great budget-focused case, plus much more.