Maximum PC March 2019

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Published 4th March 

Over time Windows gets slower and slower. Whether it’s from just general use, bodged updates, the clutter of apps being installed and removed, or just a drive filled with your data, Windows can slow to a crawl. The ideal solution is to nuke your drive and start again from scratch, but that isn’t always an easy option, which is where this month’s issue comes in. We show you how to achieve that fresh install vibe, without the hassle of losing everything that’s currently on your drive.

One of the major sources of bloat for your operating system comes from the software you use, and as time goes on, the big applications have more and more “features” that you probably don’t use. One option is to look at some of the budget alternatives to those big apps that don’t necessarily need to sell a new version every year, and instead focus on the essentials. This issue we look at the best budget alternatives to big-name apps, and potentially help you save cash at the same time.

On top of all that, we have our quiz of the year for you to sink your teeth into. We also show you how to get Steam VR working on the more-affordable Oculus Go, as well as walking you through turning a Raspberry Pi into Steam Link for couch-based gaming.