Maximum PC July 2018

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Published 26th June

Your idea of PC perfection may be different to everyone else’s, but armed with the right techniques and skills, you can attain that personal vision of computing nirvana. This issue we do just that: by showing you how to build the kind of machine that you’ll want to show off your desk, not hide under it. With the right component selection, no-compromise cooling, and top building tips and advice, it’s time to turn your own PC dreams into reality.

The problem with building a perfect PC tends to cost a good chunk of green, and not everyone, or every machine, can afford such a hang-the-cost ethos. This issue we look at the refurbished office PC market to see if this is an option you’ve been overlooking when it comes to more-affordable builds. We cover the brands and models that are coveted the most, what pitfalls to watch out for, and even how to get gaming with your new budget machine. This issue we also investigate the best ways to backup your machine (local, offsite, and in the cloud), see whether AMD StoreMI is worth using, look at the latest Samsung SSDs in the labs, and much, much more.