Maximum PC April 2019

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Published 2nd April

You’ve been hacked! What do you do next? Finding out that your email address has been compromised is one thing, but what does that actually mean? What should you do to protect yourself from further attacks? Do you need to change your passwords? Assume that every account, website, and application tied to that email address is compromised? This issue we show you what to do. The important thing to do, though, is make sure you don’t panic. 

Another topic to try to stay calm about is the soon-to-be-retired Windows 7. There are plenty of machines out there still running the aging operating system (a recent report had it at 43 percent of all machines, in fact), but when support for normal users ends at the end of the year, where does that leave these systems? We find out what your options are, including how to keep your machines going once Microsoft pulls the plug—as well as what that actually means.

A much calmer subject to plan for is the inevitable move to 8K displays. This is a bit further away than Microsoft turning off one of its operating systems, and there are plenty of problems that the industry as a whole needs to overcome first, but it’s pretty much a given that screen resolutions are going to keep increasing.

Our other main feature this issue looks at what is (and isn’t) important when it comes to selecting your next processor. Whether you’re looking to upgrade one of your machines or build a system from scratch, or you’re just interested in what goes into piecing together a new CPU, this is a great read.