200 Scrapbooking Ideas

200 Scrapbooking Ideas
Includes Shipping
200 Scrapbooking Ideas
Includes Shipping
200 Scrapbooking Ideas
Includes Shipping
200 Scrapbooking Ideas
Includes Shipping
Scrapbooking is arguably the most customisable craft. Whether you like being messy or meticulously planned, and whether you go crazy with embellishment or like a clean design, you make your own rules. In 200 Scrapbooking Ideas, we give you the tools to get started with your own personal approach to scrapbooking, with basic techniques, detailed tutorials, and inspirational tips that will really get your hands itching to get scrapping! What’s more is that we’ve included the top scrapbooking themes, from Christmas to anniversaries, to help you preserve those most precious memories.

Basic skills
- New to scrapbooking? Don’t worry, we cover all the basics you need to get started

Invaluable techniques 
- Discover the best ways to use your scrapbooking tools and make pages that will last through the years

Creative materials
- Which materials create which effect, and what’s the deal with acid in paper? We uncover it all

Inspirational themes
- Whether you want your wedding memories to last forever or celebrate your pet’s personality, find your inspiration here

- Also inside... 
- Making memories that last
- Tools of the trade
- Scrap on a budget
- Think green
- How to use photos
- Tell your story
- Lay out your page
- Page design
- Sketching maps
- Stay organised
- Scrapbooking techniques
- The art of embellishment
- Choosing an album cover
- Using writing
- Say it with quotes
- With the family
- Digital scrapbooking
- Heavenly holidays
- Vintage wedding
- Christmas memories
- Precious anniversaries
- Summer festival
- Pet portrait
- Baby boy and girl
- Children growing up
- Seasonal scenery
- Music lover
- Surf ’n Scrap
- Night at the theatre
- Easter eggs hunt
- Hen do + stag do
- Road trip
- Templates