3LC Climbing DVD

3LC Climbing was created to turn your legs into mountain climbing machines.
3LC Climbing DVD

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It's no big secret - climbing is tough, but we're here to help. Join Team Sky's British Track and U-23 Road Race Champion Peter Kennaugh, Steve 'the Pocket Rocket' Joughlin, and a crew of local Manx riders as they dig deep for the hilltop finish. Keep up and you'll be dancing on the pedals in no time.

3LC Climbing was created to turn your legs into mountain climbing machines. Our experienced trainers will guide you through a series of controlled climbing efforts designed to increase your overall leg strength, stamina and sustained power. Now's the time to sit down, clip in and put it in the big ring.


“You have to keep your mind focused and get stuck in when you’re training indoors.You won’t find a better training series than this - the Manx know how to smash it! ”

Steve Joughin, 2x British National Champion 

“All 3LC Training Sessions are simple to use  and based  on cadence and Rate of Perceived Exertion - therefore, the difficulty is in your hands. If the session is too hard, knock it down a gear – too easy, get that gearing up!  All you need is a turbo trainer, rollers or an exercise  bike and you’re good to go”.

Peter Kennaugh Snr, 3LC Head Coach

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DVD - Compatible with NTSC and PAL Formats.

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