3D Artist Issue 137

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Published 24th September

No matter what tool you use as your main weapon of choice for 3D work, you have doubtless heard of Blender. Version 2.8 is out now and the community seems very impressed, as are we, so this issue we talked to a couple of Blender experts who share their tips for mastering the open-source tool. Everybody has to start their career somewhere and for some that journey begins as an intern. This gets a bad rep from some people, but there are many ways you can benefit from learning while you work, as you can see in our feature.

Even the best artists out there can learn new tricks and this issue we showcase some cool techniques to help you level up your CG projects, from using Houdini to build a voxeliser, to setting up fracture effects in Cinema 4D, stopping along the way to discover how best to sculpt a human head, using good references and clean topology. 

As always we bring you the best art from the community, as well as some insight into how these stunning projects were put together, by artists from around the globe. 

Top this off with our regular industry and community news pieces and an inspirational gallery of the latest renders from across the globe, including some more in-depth tech focus articles.