3D Artist Issue 135

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Published 30th July

If you have ever wanted to learn 3D but weren't quite sure of the best way to start then we have you covered, with our feature on self learning.

In this issue we also talk to veteran artist Maarten Verhoeven, who shares his process for creating stunning 3D printed masks as seen on our cover. We take our second visit behind the scenes at MPC to discover how they rig their incredible creatures and characters.

Elsewhere we bring you a huge training section including pieces on painting your models in Photoshop, modeling a stylised character, sculpting for miniatures and how to deal with the task of retopo!

Our reviews section looks at items from books on understanding light for CG as well as the Oculus Quest untethered VR Headset.

Of course we also bring you the best new art from around the world, plus news from the industry and community.