3D Artist Issue 125

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Published 23rd October

Master new techniques in Blender 2.8 with our experts! We’ve gathered the likes of Daniel Bystedt, Mike Pan and Paul Chambers, who have been toying around with the build to find out why they think it’s so special and to learn from their top tips. 

We also hear from Blender masters like our cover artist Nazar Noschenko on creating awesome characters, while Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows take us on a quick crash course on hard surface modelling and Reynante Martinez goes procedural with gems in Cycles.

In non-Blender news, Heloisa Duda shows us how to achieve stylised character excellence with her Cable fan art; JM Blay runs us through expert motion graphics techniques in Cinema 4D, X-Particles and After Effects; Greg Barta teaches us how to master ACES for Houdini; and Juriaan van Linschoten of Escape Studios reveals how he created an interactive VR toolkit.

We also spoke to Slow Bros, the devs behind stop-motion videogame Harold Halibut; character artist Alena Dubrovina of Larian Studios; and some of the geniuses behind the screen graphics transforming blockbusters.

Finally, don’t forget our amazing resources available with every issue including free models, textures and more that are also on our FileSilo.