3D Artist Issue 124

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Published 25th September

Light up your workflow with our 23 top tips for upgrading your lighting work! Artists from a range of industries including game, film and TV, lend us their techniques so that you can create more compelling artwork than ever before!

We’ve also assembled some true masters of the title sequence, including Elastic, yU+Co, Method and Storm Studios to break down how they achieved their superb graphics for TV and the silver screen.

Speaking of film, the colour standard on everyone’s lips is ACES and Greg Barta discusses how VFX artists can best make use of the Academy tool.

Elsewhere you can learn to model a detailed Mars ranger tank in Modo, create unbelievable fan art, texture frog skin with ZBrush and Substance Painter, simulate advection particles in Houdini, create cloth shaders in V-Ray, art direct a game project, discover how to reimagine a project with Notch Builder and more.

We’ve also relaunched the CG Awards, which will debut for the first time at Vertex next year!

Finally, don’t forget our amazing resources available with every issue including free models, textures and more that are also on our FileSilo.