3D Artist Issue 112

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Published 10th October 2017

Take your textures to the next level with our incredible guide, featuring tips and techniques from six of the best software. We’ve also jumped into Luc Besson’s space epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets with Rodeo FX to discover how they managed to instance this incredible and spectacular film, while Smoke & Mirrors tells us their secrets to VFX and post-production success.

We’ve also talked to Neville Page, the concept and creature designer who worked with James Cameron on Avatar for three years – he tells us about reworking Klingons for the Star Trek universe and the new TV show Star Trek Discovery.

Elsewhere, you can discover how to create van Gogh style paint effects in Substance Painter, design intricate clothing and headpieces with ZBrush and Maya, create interactive particles with Popcorn FX, build stunning sci-fi environments in 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4, learn how to work with VR in Houdini and Unity, and much more.

And don’t miss: 4GB worth of free videos and assets!