Triathlon Plus November 13

Get to grips with long bike rides, fix your top swim mistakes, buy the right waterproof jacket, run a 10K PB in six weeks
Triathlon Plus November 13

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In Triathlon Plus November Issue 60:

Thinking of racing further next year? Then you'll need to ride further, and our resident bike expert is here to show you how, with tips on everything from building up your training to setting up your bike, eating properly and recovering from your rides. 

Before you head out, don't forget to read our guide to the 15 best waterproof bike jackets and 8 mini bike lights that pack a big punch. 
We've also got the coaches' guide to fixing swim mistakes and, in your free Training Zone magazine, you'll find a six-week plan to help you run a 10K PB, a guide to swimming butterfly and backstroke, and much more.