Triathlon Plus December 13

Start learning to be better this winter!
Triathlon Plus December 13

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In Triathlon Plus December Issue 61:

Stop thinking of yourself as a ‘bad swimmer’ and start learning to be better this winter: elite athletes Mark Buckingham, Harry Wiltshire and Luke Watson join coach Simon Ward to talk you through the mental and physical steps you need to talk, plus we’ve got a 12-week outline to help you see real results in the pool.

Fighting through injury? Take inspiration from our interviews with two incredible athletes: double world champion Helen Jenkins, currently returning to form and speaking exclusively to Triathlon Plus, talks about coping with the emotional lows and the sheer joy of training again, while age-grouper Jen Aslin – who was hit by a truck while training – shows that you can fight back from anything to reach new heights. In Training Zone magazine, we’re showing you how to ride through winter; run faster with a science-tested speed session; keep your open-water skills alive in the off-season; and climb any hill quicker in six weeks.