3 for 2 on Triathlon Books

Receive 3 Triathlon books for the price of 2. Including Racing Weight, Athlete's Guide to Recovery and The Triathlete's Bible.
3 for 2 on Triathlon Books

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3 books for the price of 2 | *Prices Include Postage & Packaging 

This fantastic bundle of Triathlon books includes Racing Weight, Athlete's Guide to Recovery and The Triathlete's Bible. Not only will this cover everything a triathlete needs to perform at their very best but you will receive 3 books for the price of 2! (The cheapest of which is free.)


Racing Weight

Racing Weight

Sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald offers the first comprehensive and science-based approach to weight management for runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, rowers, and cross-country skiers

Endurance sports coach and certified sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald offers a safe and healthy 5-step plan to help you get leaner and lighter for competition. By improving the quality of your diet, managing your appetite, and timing important nutrients, you can perform better—and look and feel great. After finding your ideal off-season and racing weights, you will learn how to improve diet quality; balance your intake of carbohydrate, protein, and fat; time meals and snacks; manage appetite; and train for lean body composition.


The Triathlete's Training Bible

The Triathlete's Training Bible

Coach Joe Friel has equipped thousands of triathletes for success in the sport. This new edition of his best-selling book includes all of the latest advances in training and technology.  Triathletes will discover how to:

  • build muscular endurance with a new approach to strength training;
  • precisely gauge intensity with the latest in training technology to maximize form and fitness and reduce fatigue;
  • improve economy in swimming, cycling, and running;
  • competently adapt annual training plans over the course of a season;
  • improve body composition and recovery with smarter nutrition.


The Althete's Guide to Recovery

Athlete's Guide to RecoveryThe Athlete’s Guide to Recovery is the first comprehensive, practical exploration of the art and science of athletic rest. With her book, certified triathlon and running coach and yoga instructor Sage Rountree guides you to full recovery and improved performance, revealing how much rest you need, how to measure your fatigue, and how to make the best use of recovery tools.

The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery offers recovery plans that target various race distances from short distance bike races to ultramarathons, as well as recovery between seasons. This invaluable resource will enable you to maintain that hard-to-find balance between rigorous training and rest so that you can feel great and compete at your highest capability.