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Time-Crunched Triathlete

Time-Crunched Triathlete

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Product Description

The Time-Crunched Triathlete presents a fast-paced triathlon training programme that delivers competitive speed without the time demands of conventional approaches. In as few as 8 hours per week, triathletes can develop the speed and endurance they need to be competitive in triathlon, from sprint- to half-iron distance races.

Drawing upon principles refined while coaching busy endurance athletes, Chris Carmichael shows triathletes how to build fitness in three sports on a realistic schedule that fits into their busy professional and personal lives.

Complete with training plans, case studies, nutritional guidelines, and success stories, The Time-Crunched Triathlete is the book active working professionals and parents have been waiting for. Paperback with charts and tables throughout.

Chris Carmichael was an Olympian and a professional cyclist before becoming a renowned coach and best-selling author. He has coached 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong since 1990, was recognised as the U.S. Olympic Committee Coach of the Year, and was inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in 2003.

Jim Rutberg is the editorial director and a coach for Carmichael Training Systems and co-author, with Chris Carmichael, of the New York Times best seller The Ultimate Ride (2003), Chris Carmichael’s Food for Fitness (2004), and 5 Essentials for a Winning Life (2006).

Product Details

Publisher: Velopress
Author name: Chris Carmichael and Jim Rutberg
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 313