Science Uncovered - Print Edition

Science Uncovered - Print Edition

Your comprehensive guide to the science that matters.

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In Science Uncovered, leading scientists from around the globe explain how the world around you works. It is packed with fascinating insights into space, nature, the human body,engineering, and technology, all brought to life with stunning photographs and illustrations.

You’ll receive 13 issues during a 1 year Science Uncovered magazine subscription.

From the Editor

"We’re lucky enough to live in an era of incredible scientific progress. We're solving some of the biggest mysteries of how the Universe works, learning how to harness nanotechnology and even, dare I say it, beginning to understand how the human mind works. Science Uncovered is your guide to these incredible discoveries. Leading scientists will give you clear explanations of even the most complex of subjects and show how the breakthroughs will transform our lives in the future. Whatever you’re interest, whether it’s space exploration, the ancient Egyptians, aircraft technology, nanotechnology or psychology, we’ll have it covered. We’ve also lined up an expert panel of scientists so if you’ve got a burning question, they will answer it for you. We’ll also be your guide to the incredible science that’s hidden online and even show you some spectacular experiments you can try out at home!"

Andrew Ridgway - Editor Science Uncovered

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