Social Marketing: The Complete Guide

An essential guide to modern Social Marketing: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more!
Social Marketing: The Complete Guide

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A few years ago, nobody really understood the power of using social media for their business. These days everyone from the government to your local cafe has an online presence on a number of social networks.

If it’s handled well, social media can deliver you a huge online audience that hangs off your every tweet, but that audience doesn’t come easily. Growing and managing the interactions that come your way can be a full-time job. Unless you’re lucky enough to employ a social media manager that can do it all for you, that responsibility can often fall on the shoulders of people who don’t have a grasp on subtler points. That can mean the difference between helping or hurting your business.

To help you make the most of all the social media channels at your disposal, and staying sane at the same time, we’ve produced this guide to getting the most out of those channels. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a social media manager, or if you haven’t progressed beyond tentatively filling out your personal Facebook profile.

You’ll find all the advice you need here to get a brand or business off the ground on many of the most popular social networks

Features include:

  • How to utilise your Google + page.

  • Pinterest best practice & essential strategies

  • Twitter marketing and how to master it.

  • Plus more!


Published: March 2014

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 297 x 210mm