Android: Your Companion Manual

A complete guide to Android, whatever device you are using.
Android: Your Companion Manual

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Android is all around us. It’s in our phones, it’s in our tablets, and it’s even creeping into devices that connect directly to our TVs and those that we wear on our wrists. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes brazen, but so far, there’s been little (beyond Motorola’s Droid marketing, Google’s own Nexus series, and the bleating of lower-ranked, cheap devices) that has pushed the Android name and brand hard. This is due to change; Google is set to require a little splash screen acknowledgement of its OS, and the look and feel of Android devices might become more universal. 
Whatever device you’re using – from the Kindle Fire to the HTC One M8 – this book has what you need to make more of your Android experience. There’s a huge guide to automation, which I promise will amaze you if it’s not something you’ve considered before. We’ve also talked to the expert Android modders at Cyanogen, and we’ll show you how to make much more of your mobile device by installing a brand new Android strain on it.

Published: May 2014
Dimensions: 297 x 210mm
Pages: 160