Beginner's Guide To Sewing

A beginner's guide to sewing with 28 projects to get you started!
Beginner's Guide To Sewing

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Whether you’re new to sewing, want to refresh your skills and learn some new ones, or are in need of inspiration for things to make, then this is the magazine for you!

We’ll show you what tools and materials you’ll need and what’s available to buy. We’ll also explain the basics of sewing, including a step-by-step guide to using your sewing machine. Then we’ll teach you some essential techniques as well as the skills needed for hand and machine sewing. Each technique is accompanied by projects so you can practise your new-found skills!

With 28 projects to make, Beginner’s Guide To Sewing will see you rustling up beautiful clothes, gifts and homewares in next to no time!

Contents include:

  • Materials and tools

  • Hand sewing techniques

  • Machine sewing techniques

  • Patchwork and appliqué

  • Embroidery