Wonders of the Universe

From the makers of Science Uncovered, we look at the Wonders of The Universe.
Wonders of the Universe

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From the maker's of Science Uncovered we look into the Wonders of the Universe.

Our own cosmic backyard, the Solar System, is an amazing place. We’ll hop between the planets,  discovering which is home to the Solar System’s highest mountain, and which planet is the coldest. We’ll visit the stars, taking a look at their lifecycle – including the dusty nebulae where they’re born and the black holes they leave behind. We’ll also visit our own star, the Sun, and compare our own galaxy, the Milky Way, with the billions of others out there. We’ll examine the Universe’s deepest mysteries, such as the nature of dark matter and dark energy, and the question that’s fascinated humanity for centuries – is there anybody out there? We’ll also take a look at depictions of space in science fiction and ask: could teleportation, stargates and warp drives have any basis in real science? The answers may surprise you!

Features include:

  • Alien Life

  • The Solar System

  • The Stars and more!


Published: December 2013

Dimensions: 232 x 300 mm

Pages: 144