Science Uncovered July 2014 Issue 8

Is Earth surrounded by dark matter and where did the oceans come from? Read about these mysteries surrounding our planet and more
Science Uncovered July 2014 Issue 8

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In Science Uncovered July 2014 Issue 8:

Discover the 20 biggest mysteries about our planet and how we might solve them, including: Is Earth surrounded by dark matter? What happens at the planet's core? And how is Earth's atmosphere lost to space? 

Plus we look at the new research into how electricity can be used to cure our illnesses by speaking the body's electrical language and how self-driving cars will be able to navigate their own way around our streets in the future. 

We also take an in-depth look at what the discovery of the Sun's twin means and the latest evidence about what caused the mammoths to go extinct 4,000 years ago. 

This month's questions answered by our Ask A Scientist team include: Are any species on Earth well adapted to living in space? Is it true hayfever can follow an 7-year cycle and are there any unexplored locations on Earth that there's a good chance of finding achaeological remains?