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How I Won the Yellow Jumper

How I Won the Yellow Jumper

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Product Description

Follow Ned Boulting’s (occasionally excruciating) experiences covering the world’s most famous two-wheeled race. His story offers an insider’s view of life behind the scenes of the Tour, as well as detailing the complexities and absurdities of reporting on the race and confronting the most celebrated riders – Cavendish, Wiggins, Armstrong et al – seconds after they cross the line.

Eight Tours on from Ned’s humbling debut, he has grown to respect, mock, adore and crave the race in equal measure. What’s more, he has even started to understand it.

Funny and frank, How I Won the Yellow Jumper is the account of Ned’s journey – that same journey undertaken by many tens of thousands of cycling enthusiasts – from tour trainee to incurable fanatic

Product Details

Publisher: Yellow Jeresy Press
Author: Ned Boulting
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 336