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Teach Yourself Photography & Photoshop

Teach Yourself Photography & Photoshop

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Essential camera skills will help you get even better results from your D-SLR plus all the image editing advice you need to perfect your photographs!

Photography and the digital darkroom go hand in hand. Even the best photos need a little tweaking to make them shine, and even the most skilled Photoshop artist can only salvage an imperfect image. This is why this book has been neatly divided into two sections:

Teach Yourself Photography

To help you hone your photography skills, we take an in-depth look at how to get the very best from your Raw files, how to master exposure, composition and shoot super-sharp shots each and every time.

Teach Yourself Photoshop

In our Apprentice series, you’ll learn from specialist professionals on a range of subjects, whether you want to capture perfect portraits, master the art of travel photography, learn how to capture wildlife or even work in challenging low-light conditions.

Plust FREE DVD - In addition to all the Photoshop tutorials you’ll also find 20 bonus videos on shooting technique.



Published: December 2012

Pages: 228

Dimensions: 232mm x 300mm