Play Guitar Now: Acoustic Blues

Learn how to play acoustic blues! The best chords, techniques, licks and set pieces to get you started!
Play Guitar Now: Acoustic Blues

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Acoustic blues is a fabulous form of music to play, evoking as it does the lone minstrel, wandering from town to town, playing and singing for his supper and passing on songs learned from friends, family or ‘borrowed’ from other artists.

Features included;

  • Part 1: Blues Chords - 4 to get you started.
  • Part 2: techniques you will need.
  • Part 3: Five licks
  • Part 4: Play it like...
  • Part 5: Set pieces.

Play Acoustic Blues opens the door to a self-contained world of music that you will never want to close

Have fun!

Published: May 2013

Pages: 19 Pages

Dimensions: 320mm x 210mm