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Guitarist March 14 Issue 378

Guitarist March 14 Issue 378

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In Guitarist March 14 Issue 378:

In this issue, you'll find a fully illustrated history of Gibson's iconic Les Paul Junior electric, including detailed insights into historic guitars such as Keith Richards's '58 TV Junior. We've also got plenty for jazz fans, too, with a masterclass in blues-jazz licks with Jim Mullen, plus an in-depth interview with Marc Ford on the former Black Crowe's solo work, passion for guitars and recording techniques.

You'll also find heavyweight reviews of the hottest new gear from Fender's reissued Coronado and Starcaster semis to Mesa's compact but powerful Recto-Verb Twenty-Five combo, plus two new D'Angelico archtops, the new Brent Mason signature solidbody from PRS, and much more.