Guitarist August 14 Issue 383

We talk to the world's best pro guitarists to discover their secret tips and tricks for better playing.

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In Guitarist August 14 Issue 383:
Ever wondered how professional guitarists stay cool under intense pressure, and manage to play flawlessly at huge gigs and landmark recording sessions? In this issue we talk to a bevy of top pro guitarists, from Larry Carlton to Steve Lukather, Paul Gilbert and more to learn 50 essential tips and tricks for playing like a pro, wherever you go. Elsewhere in this feature-packed issue, we interview none other than Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin to learn the story behind the studio sessions for Led Zeppelin's legendary first three albums and examine the guitar style of Nashville country-jazz ace Hank Garland, teaching you the licks that saw Hank hired by everyone from Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash. We've also got a ton of hot new gear on review, from Gretsch's gorgeous Electromatic Center-Block semis to Orange's formidable new Dual Dark metal amps.