Classic Rock Summer 2014 Issue 199

Rival Sons, the Rolling Stones, Judas Priest, Chrissie Hynde, Mastodon, Extreme, Soundgarden, Spirit, Lionize. Plus: 24-page Iron Maiden supplement
Classic Rock Summer 2014 Issue 199

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In Classic Rock Summer 2014 Issue 199:
Rival Sons
Hail, hail (the new) rock’n’roll! Music’s future is in danger of being overshadowed by its past. These guys are here to lead the way forward.
The Rolling Stones
In 1969 they took their rock’n’roll circus to America, inventing the modern mega-tour and leaving carnage in their wake. Travel into their heart of darkness, with the people who were there…
Judas Priest
Heavy metal pioneers? Tongue-in-cheek survivors? High-camp motorcycle enthusiasts? As the band gear up for their 17th album, it turns out the truth is funnier, stranger and darker…
Chrissie Hynde
Outspoken activist, punk pin-up and leader of one of the great British bands of the late 70s, her rep has made grown men quake. But now she’s showing off her Swede side.
The big beasts of city-flattening, conceptually inclined, head-spinning prog metal have just had their toughest year yet. Thankfully they’ve come out of it with a monster of an album.
At the start of the nineties they were the Boston upstarts-turned-housewives favourites – until it all went wrong. Twenty years on, they’re about to get the funk out once more.
Grunge‘s founding fathers watched the bands they inspired shoot past them. But with their mighty fourth album, Superunknown, they would help define the 1990s.
Buddies of Hendrix, praised by Led Zeppelin, catalysed by mercurial guitarist Randy California, they weathered an exciting, turbulent musical journey – ultimately one lost to drugs and death.
Not only do Lionize have the Clutch seal of approval, they’ve also got the funky-sci-fi-reggae-rock sound to go with it.