Classic Rock March 14 Issue 194

Classic Rock March 14 Issue 194

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In Classic Rock March 14 Issue 194:

Bad Company: formed from the ashes of Free and Mott, they were Led Zeppelin’s only rivals – this is the story of the other great British band of the 70s. Van Halen: when Dave Lee Roth quit it sparked a war.

His replacement Sammy Hagar ensured there would be a clear winner – him. Mike Bloomfield – a 60s guitar prodigy who shaped Dylan’s sound and blew Clapton away… Supersuckers – the greatest underground American rock band of the last 25 years? Bon Scott – before AC/DC he was in country rockers the Mount Lofty Rangers, until a near-fatal crash. The tracks they recorded were thought long lost – until now.

Rock In Crisis – the music industry is crumbling. Are we really looking at the end – or just the end of the beginning? We address the state of rock in 2014, and take a look at the 10 ideas that are changing the landscape. Plus! Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott’s views on the demise of the record company. We ask the question - is the future of rock female? The biggest stars in pop music are female. Women rule the country scene. So why does rock music still have so few female stars?
Plus interviews with Ginger, Fish, Heaven’s Basement, Blackberry Smoke and Clutch.