Classic Rock July 14 Issue 198

Guns N' Roses - 12 insane months with the world's most dangerous band!
Classic Rock July 14 Issue 198

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In Classic Rock July 14 Issue 198:
Guns N’ Roses: 1989: from the controversy of GN’R Lies to their on-stage meltdown with the Rolling Stones, this is the story of 12 insane months with The World’s Most Dangerous Band.
Led Zeppelin: Just what are you getting for your money when you shell out for new reissues, and is it worth the investment?
And, starting on p44, we look at Led Zeppelin III – ambitious music that’s influencing a whole new generation of artists.
Nu prog: While the rest of rock’n’roll strives to recapture past glories, a handful of visionaries are bridging the past and the future. These are the bands who are revolutionising prog. Including Syd Arthur, Alcest, Messenger, Knifeworld and more.
Joe Perry meets Johnny Winter: the Aerosmith guitarist (and Winter fan) and the blues icon compare hell-raising, music-making and the price of fame.
Glenn Hughes: He’s been shot at, stabbed, survived a crack-induced heart attack and watched countless friends fall by the wayside. Glenn Hughes proves you can’t keep a good man down.
Jake E Lee: Ozzy’s former right-hand man has had a roller-coaster life. Now, after vanishing for 15 years, this lost guitar hero has stepped back into the spotlight – maybe for the last time.