Classic Rock August 2014 Issue 200

Biggest Issue Ever!
Classic Rock August 2014 Issue 200

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Classic Rock 200 is a beast, a 244-page leviathan in gilded ink and shiny paper. It’s our biggest ever issue!

This mammoth edition features 200 brand new interviews with the biggest rock stars on the planet. It's an extraordinary mix, including Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Lars Ulrich, Black Sabbath, Billy Gibbons, Slash, Geddy Lee, Joe Bonamassa, Brian Johnson, Bruce Dickinson & Steve Harris, Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons... and more. If it were anymore full of interviews, it would be a chat show. A really, really good one.


Also featuring a countdown of the 200 greatest songs of Classic Rock's lifetime.

PLUS: Free CD starring Slash, Journey, Dio, Mott The Hoople and more!