Classic Rock 174: Steve Vai Edition

Classic Rock 174: Steve Vai Edition
Classic Rock 174: Steve Vai Edition

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Classic Rock 174: Steve Vai Edition, featuring his brand new solo album The Story Of Light

  • The full new album from Steve Vai The Story Of Light
  • A 12 page feature on the making of the album - exclusive and unique to this limited edition version of Classic Rock 174
  • Exclusive interview with Steve Vai unavailable elsewhere
  • A collector's edition of Classic Rock 174 with an exclusive variant cover featuring Steve Vai

Virtuoso guitarist and visionary composer Steve Vai’s new solo album The Story Of Light features a sprawling and expressive 12-song set continuing a conceptual and cosmic narrative arc which began on the artist’s acclaimed 2005 album Real Illusions: Reflections.

Although The Story of Light is largely instrumental, the album does feature guest vocalists including singer‐songwriter Aimee Mann dueting with Vai on “No  More Amsterdam”, which she also co-wrote and Beverly McClellan, a season one finalist on The Voice. McClellan appears on “John the Revelator”, a track inspired by a vintage recording of blues singer Blind Willie Johnson, whose acid-soaked vocals are in the mix as well. Other highlights include the title track (which opens the album), “Gravity Storm”, “The Moon and I”, and “Velorum”.

This limited-run Classic Rock Steve Vai Edition Magazine is a Collector's Edition in its own right and will be unavailable elsewhere.


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Published: July 2012