Play Guitar Now! Texas Blues

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Play Guitar Now! Texas Blues

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Blues is one of those styles that can be divided up into a whole variety of different flavours. Just as there’s New Orleans jazz, bebop, fusion, modern and other jazz forms, so with blues we have Delta, Chicago, British, blues-rock, jazz-blues and a host of others - including the subject of this Play Guitar Now: Texas blues. Although for many people Texas blues means Stevie Ray Vaughan, it goes way further back than that, and Stevie’s own playing was strongly influenced by a variety of other players from the state in which he grew up.

Think of T-Bone Walker, the man that many credit with laying down the template for all modern lead guitar, with his ‘shape’ based system of fretboard ‘boxes’; T-Bone’s famous ‘shuffle’ could well be where Stevie heard the rhythm that would become his trademark. But other vintage bluesmen were just as influential. Take Freddie King: you can hear this great player’s note choices and attitude in most of those that followed him - in fact Freddie is largely responsible for making a bunch of white British teenagers want a bit of blues action. You can hear him clearly in Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor.

These and more feature in Milton Mermikides’ DVD/magazine appreciation. Go through it and you will walk away with a real understanding of the style and its exponents - and become a better player as a result.


Published: March 2014

Pages: 16

Dimensions:  297 x 210mm