Classic Rock Presents AOR 9: Heart

How AOR's barracudas held thier own against industry sharks
Classic Rock Presents AOR 9: Heart

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How AOR’s barracudas held their own against industry sharks, ex-boyfriends and the 1980s. In-depth story spanning the years 1974-1985 and featuring exclusive all-new interviews with Ann and Nancy Wilson.

PLUS! FREE CD: Supersonic – 15 soaraway melodic rock songs with Sammy Hagar, Reckless Love, Houston, Robin Beck, Newman, Harem Scarem, Degreed, Screaming Eagles and more.

Key features in this issue:

  • Sammy Hagar – The Tequila man on Van Halen, Ronnie Montrose… and how he gets by with a little help from his (famous) friends.
  • The Babys – Over three decades after their split, The Babys are back, without original singer John Waite – but with his blessing.
  • Obscure UK AOR – They’re the also-rans and coulda-beens of Britain’s Adult Oriented Rock scene, the Top 30 great groups the world at large never heard about– until now. With Midnight Blue, Moritz, She, Torino, Monro, Geneva, Kooga, LaRoche, AOK, Arena and many more. Come meet your new favourite old bands…
  • Patty Smyth – The Scandal-ous story of how Patty made it big, how she almost joined Van Halen, and how she’s coming back.
  • Robin Beck – With her new LP, Underneath, the girl from the Coke ad proves she’s the real thing alright.
  • Reggie Knighton – The strange-but-true story of the AOR singer-songwriter who penned songs about Elvis, love and UFOs, before disappearing into the computer world.
  • Graham Bonnet – The veteran frontman talks Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz… and flashing his bits in West End restaurants.
  • Santa Cruz – The unfeasibly young Scandi-rockers grew up listening to Eminem and Limp Bizkit. But they’re (more than) alright now.
  • Chasing Violets – French sisters are doing it for themselves  – with a little help from Frédéric Slama of AOR (the band).
  • Steve Overland – “I’ve sung on some weird things, like Kit-E-Kat advertisements,” purrs the FM man.
  • Lost Weekend – It’s a long, twisting tale of record label frustrations, of cutting albums in less-than-ideal situations, of chasing a dream against all odds and with little in the way of tangible reward. But one listen to this band’s finely honed AOR will prove it was all worth it…
  • Arc Angel – Thirty years on, Arc Angel have risen again. Jeff Cannata talks us through his journey from the proggy majesty of his Cannata project, back to Arc Angel’s effortlessly melodic rock.
  • Live reviews – Sweden Rock, Steve Lukather, The Val, Vega, Steelhouse Festival, Bryan Adams, Heaven’s Basement, Rick Springfield, Richie Kotzen…
  • Album reviews – New releases from Reckless Love, Newman, Robin Beck, Houston, Santa Cruz, King Kobra, Sammy Hagar, Michael Monroe; reissues from REO Speedwagon, Nick Gilder, Warrant, Derringer…