The Great Battles of World War 2: Market Garden

Market Garden: The thrilling story of the largest airborne military operation in history
The Great Battles of World War 2: Market Garden

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The final years of World War II saw the allies win epic battles, but also brought memorable defeats.
One such failure was the allied attack on the bridges leading over the Rhine into Germany.
This second Bookazine in the Great battles Series explores operation Market Garden and the Battle of Arnhem in fine detail. 
Using extensive maps stunning photography and unforgettable accounts of the action one of the most controversial of WWII is brought vividly to life.
Contents include:
  • The victories in France
  • Operations begin
  • The bridge is lost
  • Black Friday, dark weekend
  • Why did Market Garden fail

Published: September 2013
Dimensions: 297 x 210 mm 
Pages: 130