GamesMaster July 14 Issue 278

We’ve played Destiny! Read our 10 page cover feature for an exclusive inside look. Oh, and Mario Kart 8? Reviewed!
GamesMaster July 14 Issue 278

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In GamesMaster July Issue 278
Destiny awaits in the latest issue of GM, as we take a trip to Bungie’s Seattle studio and go hands on with the Halo creator’s next big thing. Can this potential corker redefine shooters? You’ll have to delve into our huge 10 page feature to find out!
Elsewhere we’ve got the lowdown on the future of Gearbox’s loot and shoot franchise, with an in-depth look at Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. A new setting and a new developer and, of course, plenty of new guns. Get all the info right here, as well as previews of Super Smash Bros, Elite: Dangerous and the gorgeous-looking, indie murder mystery, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter.
Prepare to be shell-shocked as Mario Kart 8 drifts into our critical path. We’ve played the banana skins off it and put together a walloping six-page lead review special. Is this the best Mario Kart ever made? Spoiler: yes! Snap up the mag to find out why!
Child of Light, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and Trials Fusion fill out the rest of our brimming reviews bouquet, with another look at the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn reminding us how MMOs should work on consoles.
But as ever the mag doesn't end there. Upfront overflows with the latest on Dragon Age: Inquisition and the new sci-fi flavoured Civilization: Beyond Earth. We’ve also spoken with legendary Street Fighter producer and all around nice guy Yoshinori Ono, who reveals the secret recipe behind building a new Ultra Street Fighter IV character.
And then there are our regular sections. In IndieMaster we’ve gathered the most promising unknowns gems on the horizon to ensure you know exactly where the future hits are coming from. We’ve spoken with a world record holding speed-runner to find out the secrets of the trade in CultureMaster. Halo steps up to the plate in RetroMaster, while over in our CheatMaster section we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to destroy your mates at Trials Fusion.