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GamesMaster December 13

GamesMaster December 13

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In GamesMaster December Issue 270
In what has to go down as the busiest issue of the year there’s only one place we should start. Make that One place: the Xbox One arrives in the GamesMaster office, and as we put it to the test we reflect on the rocky road Microsoft have endured over the past six months that’s seen their console shake off a troubled beginning to become a real next-gen powerhouse.
Continuing with our next-gen theme and we ready the cannons for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which swings its way onto our front cover. Disappointed by Assassin’s Creed III? We feel your pain – and it’s with great pleasure that we can confirm that Black Flag is a real return to form for the series. We’ve played more of the PlayStation 4 version than anyone else to piece together our swashbuckling cover story, and as we go adventuring on the high seas and interrogating key members of the development crew we uncover why it’s the Christmas game to beat – and why you should only think about picking up the PS4 version.
This month Assassin’s Creed IV isn’t the only next-gen game we investigate. We play Xbox One exclusive Titanfall, open-world racer The Crew, enjoy a lengthy trip through the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition and get friendly with EverQuest: Next – an MMO that will reshape the future of the genre.
Back in the land of current-gen it’s Reviews Central: FIFA 14 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 face each other for footballing dominance (spoiler: it’s a really close match this year), while Beyond: Two Souls, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and horror-fest Outlast all get the review treatment. In MobileMaster, meanwhile, we rate Infinity Blade III and Call of Duty: Strike Team.
And we’ll save the best ‘til last. This issue we’ve ten pages on Grand Theft Auto V as Rockstar’s epic smashes our scoring record. Make sure you don’t miss our massive review and our comprehensive cheats, tips and Easter eggs guide, which pulls back the curtain on some of GTA V’s biggest and most shocking secrets.