Edge August 14 Issue 269

E3 special edition, featuring the biggest games in LA, including Bloodborne, Zelda, Rainbow Six: Siege and Metal Gear Solid V
Edge August 14 Issue 269

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In Edge August Issue 269
- Videogame genres ebb and flow, but they rarely die; we explore the trends that underscore them and ask whether we are yet to discover the genres that will define gaming in 100 years.
- Flow is a psychological state that designers seek to induce and top tournament players can harness. Why is it so special, and what can you do to attain it?  
- In our big interview, we talk to EA DICE boss Karl Magnus Troedsson about innovation, taking risks, and teething troubles with Battlefield 4. 
- Finally, in The Making Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we talk to Jake Solomon, the man who realised his dream when he got to remake brutal strategy classic X-Com: UFO Defense.
In our E3 2014 report we identify the successes and failures in LA, and ask if Microsoft has finally got it right with Xbox One. Plus, we look at what Dare To Be Digital is doing to bring new talent into game development, and talk to comedian, actor and former aspiring priest Johnny Vegas in My Favourite Game about his Pokémon hoard.
A rundown of all the games in our sights at E3, including Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Rainbow Six: Seige, Forza Horizon 2, The Legend of Zelda, Bloodborne, and many more.
We review new releases including Ultra Street Fighter IV, Murdered: Soul Suspect, WildStar, Grid: Autosport, Blade Symphony, Among The Sleep, Ace Combat Infinity and Sniper Elite III