SFX Special Editions ISSUE 64

The complete guide to Robocop.
SFX Special Editions ISSUE 64

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In SFX Specials Issue 64:

This truly is the COMPLETE guide to RoboCop, with over 50 pages devoted to the making of the new movie, plus a whole batch of features on the original movie trilogy, the cartoons, the TV series, the comics and more besides. There are exclusive interviews with all the stars of the hotly-anticipated remake, plus we talk to the director and screenwriter. There are interviews with the director of the original, Paul Verhoeven, plus FX guru Phil Tippett and RoboCop co-creator Ed Neumeier. There’s also the Top 25 sci-fi cyborgs, the future of law enforcement, and RoboLollipopLady. You heard  us right.