Comic Heroes ISSUE 20

The Thor Issue!
Comic Heroes ISSUE 20

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In Comic Heroes Issue 20

This is perhaps the mightiest issue of Comic Heroes of them all! We look at Marvel's biggest hitter, the Norse Thunder God THOR, including a complete hero history of the character - and how his early issues defined modern comic book storytelling! 
We talk to Al Ewing about making a splash at Marvel on Mighty Avengers; Brian Michael Bendis about the new X-Men crossover, Battle of the Atom; David Lloyd about the legacy of V For Vendetta and the digital future of comics; and creator James O'Barr about his return to The Crow. 
Plus! Godzilla, our special San Diego Comic-Con report, the birth of Titan Comics, all the 2013-2014 superhero movies, and the great Frank Brunner on redefining Doctor Strange. Bonus! We've also got horror superstar Joe Hill, science fiction god Harlan Ellison, and - yes! - Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance returns to comics.