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All other print copies of  Comic Heroes back issues have now sold out. However, all Comic Heroes back issues are available to buy as digital magazines through Apple Newsstand for viewing on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch; and available on

Comic Heroes ISSUE 23

Buy Now from £9.99

Batman! Hellboy! Wonder Woman! X-Men! Doctor Who and more!

Comic Heroes ISSUE 21

Buy Now from £9.99

New-Look Comic Heroes with more pages of comic-crammed goodness than ever before!

Comic Heroes ISSUE 19

Buy Now from £9.99

Your complete guide to those awesome X-Men plus stacks of new interviews, 52 pages of free comic samples and more!

Comic Heroes ISSUE 17

Buy Now from £9.99

Iron Man Unleashed!

Comic Heroes ISSUE 22

Buy Now from £9.99

Featuring an exclusive all-new Captain America cover image drawn by top Marvel artist Mike Perkins, this issue is a Superspies Special!

Comic Heroes ISSUE 20

Buy Now from £9.99

The Thor Issue!

Comic Heroes ISSUE 18

Buy Now from £9.99

The alien heroes issue