Digital Magazines Help

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How do I download digital editions of magazines?

You’re currently able to read our titles on a range of tablet and e-reader devices, including iPad, nook, Kindle and android. To browse titles click here 

You can buy our magazines from the following 3rd party stores: 

T3 Tablet Edition (for iPad and iPhone) can be bought directly from MyFavouriteMagazines 

We also offer a T3 Print + Digital subscription. Access T3 on your tablet, plus you’ll receive the print magazine every month, so you can read T3 how you like, when you like

  • Buy the T3 tablet edition here
  • Buy a T3 Print + Tablet Subscription here

If you’ve already bought a tablet subscription to T3 from us, you can find instructions on how to download your copy here

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How do I download the T3 tablet (digital) Edition? 

If you have bought the T3 Tablet Edition via, please click here for instructions.

If you have bought the T3 Print + Digital Edition via, please click here for instructions 

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I have forgotten my T3 tablet edition password

If you purchased your digital subscription via, you’ll need to click here and re-register. This will override your user credentials. Your old username and password will be overwritten with the new details you enter. You will receive a confirmation email once you have changed your username and/or password. 

Before you change your details, you’ll need your subscriber number. Your subscriber number will be included in the welcome email or letter that was sent to you when you first subscribed. 

If you can’t find this you can call  UK: 0844 848 2852 International: +44 1604 251 045 or email us at

PLEASE NOTE: The above instructions are for customers who bought their subscription via

If you bought your subscription via iTunes (in app using your Apple ID), and have forgotten your Apple ID or password, you will need to click here (you will be redirected to Apple) 

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I’m having trouble logging into the T3 magazine App

If you bought your subscription from myfavouritemagazines, and you’re having trouble logging in, you’ll need to re-register here; this will overwrite your current username and password.

PLEASE NOTE: The T3 in-app login is only for subscribers who purchased via If you purchased via iTunes, you will not need to login to access your purchases. 

If you subscribed via iTunes and are having problems accessing the app or downloading issues, please see our app trouble shooting guide

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How can I cancel my digital subscription?

If you purchased through iTunes you can cancel your magazine subscription through the App by following the below instructions; 

  • To view your App subscriptions from your devices home screen, tap App store
  • Tap featured at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Tap the Apple ID button
  • If you have forgotten your iTunes account details please click here
  • Enter your password and click OK
  • From the main account page, scroll down and tap Manage App subscriptions. If you don’t have any App subscriptions this button will not be displayed
  • You will then be taken to your app subscriptions page where you will be able to cancel your subscription 

If you purchased your subscription through, please contact our customer service team to cancel:  UK: 0844 848 2852 International: +44 1604 251 045

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How can I turn off iTunes auto renewal?

If you bought your subscription via iTunes you can turn off the automatic renewal function.

  • From your “Manage App” Subscription page, choose “add-subscription”
  • Tap the subscription category for which you wish to disable auto-renewal 
  • Tap ON to toggle the switch to OFF
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message; tap turn OFF to confirm your choice