Computer Arts July 14 Issue 228

We meet the pioneers who are changing the face of design, discover how to design for the future, and chat with Local Projects founder, Jake Barton
Computer Arts July 14 Issue 228

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This month's special issue is dedicated to innovation. Whether it’s experimenting with emerging technology, developing a new technique or just thinking differently. Our special report explores why innovation matters in design through the lens of five inspiration projects, from gestural branding to smart washing machines.

Michael Johnson, Laura Jordan-Bambach and Brendan Dawes explore the topic from three very different angles, while Jake Barton, founder of Local Projects, shares his design philosophy and why "emotional connection trumps technical wizardry".

From 3D printing to virtual reality immersion, new tech is constantly emerging, but what does it bring to design practices now? We explore how to keep up with new tech and use it to enhance your design innovation.

In our Projects section we find out how Uniform created an identity for the Birkenhead docklands with an exciting new rebrand, and also catch up with ustwogames, the brains behind the genre-defying and perception-bending iOS game Monument Valley. And this month's workflow guides offer valuable advice on creating grids in InDesign CC, and streamlining your design time in Photoshop CC.


  • Exclusive video chat with Richard Turley
  • Where to go for the best design in Dublin
  • Showcase of the latest global design, including a glimpse at pin-up girls with their "typographic soulmates"