Comic Artist

Create Comic and Manga Art in Photoshop, Manga Studio 5, Sketch up and more!
Comic Artist

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Creating Comic and Manga art is a fantastic way to hone your digital art skills. 
Whether you want to learn how to draw anatomy, ink manga characters, compose environments or paint expressive figures, mastering the fundamentals of comic art will improve your techniques and skills as an artist.
Inside this special issue of ImagineFX you will discover how to refine your line with expert artists including Stanley Lau and learn how to mix 3D software techniques with 2D in order to plan your comic page environments with 2000 AD's Dylan Teague.
Contents include;
  • Improve your comic workflow
  • Compose a group of characters
  • Use personality in your art
  • Paint an original character
  • Plus much more!

Published: September 2013
Pages: 114
Dimensions: 300 x 222mm