The Freelance Handbook 2013

Freelance Handbook | How to be your own boss
The Freelance Handbook 2013

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The Freelance Handbook is the definitive guide to being your own boss and contains practical tips and essential advice for succeeding as a freelance creative – from setting your rates and managing your time to getting noticed, avoiding burnout and much more.

Go it alone

Everything you have to consider before going it alone – the risks involved, the benefits on offer and the essential equipment you’ll need.

Win more clients

How to sell your talents, aesthetic and work ethic to clients. From harnessing the power of word of mouth to approaching new clients and knowing who to pitch ideas to.

Work smarter

Efficiency is a crucial skill you need to be a successful freelancer; striking that vital balance between work and life, the ability to manage your time and stay on top of your workflow.

Manage your money

An understanding of the basic business principles is essential. This section shows how to put a value on your skills, calculate your rates and negotiate the best rates, turn a profit, operate within your budgets and ensure your cash is flowing.

Be more business savvy

The most successful freelancers fuse creative experience with business acumen. We show you how to nail the business side of freelance life, so you can focus on the creative part.

Promote yourself

A considered campaign of self-promo will make sure you are able to get your work in front of the people who count


You are your number one asset, we show you how to make sure you manage your health and work, life balance to ensure that you produce the best work for your clients.

Essential resources

In an industry that’s in a constant state of change, we provide all the invaluable tools and resources you need for freelance success



Published: December 2012

Pages: 116

Dimensions: 222mm x 300mm