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All other print copies of  What Mountain Bike back issues have now sold out. However, all What Mountain Bike back issues are available to buy as digital magazines through Apple Newsstand for viewing on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch; and available on


What Mountain Bike May 14 Issue 160

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It's our huge, 25-bike Trail Bike of the Year test – every 2014 contender thrashed to reveal the greatest of all. Oh, and you can win the winner! Elsewhere we test a host of rapid XC bikes, new gear and much, much more!

What Mountain Bike March 14 Issue 158

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What Mountain Bike November 13

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Five hot frames born in the USA

What Mountain Bike April 14 Issue 159

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Are modern bikes a rip off?

What Mountain Bike February 14 Issue 157

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Big Bikes Rule!