Total Bike Repair & Maintenance 2013 Edition

All you need to know to fix your road or mountain bike
Total Bike Repair & Maintenance 2013 Edition

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This 2013 Edition of Total Bike Repair & Maintenance offers detailed advice for both mountain bikes and road bikes and will help you learn the skills necessary to maintain your own bicycle or for the more experienced cyclist add new skills to your repertoire.

Whatever your level you’ll find mechanical, tips, tricks and techniques from our team of experts to help you to maintain, fix and upgrade your bike; from fixing a puncture to building a wheel!

Featuring chapters on the following:

  • Drivetrain: including gear cables, transmission, gears, front derailleur, cranks, chains, freehub and more
  • Brakes: servicing and set-up, how to fit trim and bleed disc brakes, getting the best from V-brakes and curing squeals
  • Wheels: keep your wheels true, add performance, fit new rims, puncture repair, servicing hubs, banish blowouts
  • Frame and fork: fitting new fork, road and mountain bike headsets fitting and installation, bearings, suspension, cross-country fork and shock set-up
  • Controls: handlebar and stem installation, applying new tape to your bars, cockpit set-up, dropper posts
  • Bike set-up: road bikes; MTB geometry and suspension, contact points and components and chassis dynamics, building fixed wheel road bike
  • Ride on: cleaning effectively, lube, preparing for all seasons, emergency repair tips, inspecting after a crash, used bike guide



Published: February 2013

Pages: 194

Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm