Ride to Work: The Essential Guide to Commuting

Essential Guide to Commuting
Ride to Work: The Essential Guide to Commuting

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In this 4th edition of Ride to Work: The Essential Guide to Commuting our aim is to provide everything you need to know about using two wheels to have fun safely getting to work.

There have never been more reasons to start cycling to work. This guide will help you find the perfect bike and how to make the most of your money and how the Cycle To Work scheme can help you get a tax break on your bike purchase.

We cover the science behind keeping yourself safe on city roads; how to beat the busy bus lanes, expert advice on tricky traffic light junctions, red lights and roundabouts to ensure that you are hazard aware.

Turn your commute into a daily workout to stay in shape. We offer tips on how to ride yourself fit and advice on a balanced diet.

Expert advice on how to keep your bike clean, maintenance tips and guides to making necessary repairs.

All the best kit is tested and reviewed including the best bikes, jackets, pedals, trousers and bags.

Plus, if the commute isn't enough then take a look at our top UK wide rides.



Published: February 2013

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm