Ride Fit 3rd Edition

The essential guide to cycling health and fitness whatever your level!

Ride Fit 3rd Edition

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From the makers of Cycling Plus, Ride Fit 3rd Edition is the essential guide to cycling health and fitness.

Spring is the perfect time to start getting some more bike miles under your belt and to set, or start working towards, some cycling goals. Whether your aim is to ride three times a week or finish a 100-mile event in under five hours, setting a goal is a fantastic motivator.

Ride Fit will help you train and ride better, offering the best fitness and training content from Cycling Plus combined with expert advice.

Whatever your level of fitness from beginner to the more experienced there will be something for you.

Features include:

  • 26 explosive power boosting exercise to improve your core strength
  • Achieve a 100 miles ride with our 12-week plan
  • All your knee problems solved
  • Tasty and nutritious post-ride fuel
  • Effective ways to lose the paunch
  • Is caffeine the ultimate performance and recover booster?
  • Plus much, much more!



Published: March 2013

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm