PC Hardware: The Ultimate Guide 2014

Supercharge your system: Hassle-free advice for explosive upgrades
PC Hardware: The Ultimate Guide 2014

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Deciding to build your own PC can be more than a little daunting. So many tiny wires, so much bendy metal, so many fragile components and screws to misplace that you'll inevitably need later. But it's also incredibly rewarding.
In this guide we've collated the best reviews of the slickest and best value gear doing the rounds, from the "money no object" high end gear down to excellent budget alternatives. Our team know what you want from your PCs and they're here to help you get it.
Contents Include;
  • Supercharge your system; hassle free advice for explosive upgrades
  • 215 in-depth hardware reviews inside
  • Build a next-gen gaming rig
  • The SSD revolution- why you need to switch
  • Plus much more!

Published: September
Pages: 146
Dimensions: 300 x 232 mm